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Data Collection

Since 1970, Peterson’s has pioneered higher education data collection and distribution. Our data is used by researchers in both public and private industries as well as students and families who need the right advice, the right information, from the right source to make good decisions for their academic future.

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Quality Assurance

We have carefully crafted our research approach to ensure the absolute highest standard of quality for our data and our customer experiences. We employ academic standard methodologies backed by decades of experience to provide robust capabilities for the organizations we serve.

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Institution Partnerships

Peterson’s partnerships with higher education institutions have helped millions of students with their college search. Each year, we engage with institutions to gather information that is made available to students around the globe. This brings valuable exposure to the institutions by directing students to the college that best fits them.

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Peterson's Sponsors

Scholarships Listing

Affordability is a key concern for any family with college-bound students. Peterson’s maintains the most extensive database of college scholarships, making it easy for students to find awards that they qualify for. By listing a scholarship with us, award sponsors have access to millions of qualified applicants, and best of all it’s completely free!


Survey Collection

Peterson’s surveys form the foundation for our data collection. Every year, Peterson’s surveys institutions and scholarship programs to provide the most accurate information possible to students on their college journey. We place a premium on ensuring that the survey experience is positive for our respondents so that they can minimize the time it takes to update their information while maximizing the benefits they receive.